Story stone hanging on the edge of Lake Toba

Hanging Rock legend - Parapat or Prapat is a small town located in the district of Simalungun , North Sumatra , Indonesia . A small town located on the shores of Lake Toba is a tourist destination visited by domestic and foreign tourists . The city has a fascinating natural beauty and is supported by good transport access roads , making it easy to reach. The city is often used as a haven by the tourists passing in the Trans-Sumatran Highway ( Jalinsum ) which connects the western part of the city of Medan to Padang.

Hanging Rock story , other than as an exotic attraction , Parapat is also a city that is legendary among communities in North Sumatra . In the past , this small town is a weekend that is located on the shores of Lake Toba . After an event occurred that was terrible , where the community is named Parapat or Prapat . In that event , there is a stone that resembles a human being on the edge of Lake Toba . According to local villagers , the rock was the incarnation of a beautiful girl named Chrysanthemum . Events what exactly happened in the small suburb ? Why beautiful girl is transformed into a stone ? Want to know the answer ? Follow the story in Hanging Rock story below!

Once STONE GANTUNG, in a remote village on the outskirts of Lake Toba North Sumatra, there lived a husband and a wife with his beautiful daughter named Chrysanthemum. In addition to a handsome, chrysanthemum is also very hard to help parents work in the fields. Every day a small family that work their fields on the edge of Lake Toba, and the results are used to meet everyday needs.

One day, chrysanthemum went to the fields alone, because there is a need both parents in a neighboring village. Chrysanthemum only accompanied by her beloved dog named the Toki. Arriving in the field, she was not working, but he just sat brooding, looking at the natural beauty of Lake Toba. Looks like he was facing a difficult problem solved. While the dog, the Toki, sat down beside him, staring at the face of Chrysanthemum as if he knew what he was thinking that his employer. Once in a while the dog barked to divert the attention of the employer, but the employer still rake with reverie.

Indeed, the last few days have always looked glum faces Chrysanthemum. He was very sad, because it will be married by her parents with a young man who was his cousin. Though he had been having an affair with a young man his choice and has promised to build a happy home. He was very confused. On the one hand he did not want to disappoint her parents, and on the other hand he could not bear to part with her idol youth. Therefore felt unable to bear the heavy load, he began to despair.

"Oh, my God! Servant is not able to live with this burden, "complained Seruni.

Moments later, chrysanthemum rose from his seat. With tears loose, he walked slowly toward Lake Toba. Apparently the girl wanted to end his life by jumping into Lake Toba the steep cliffs. While the Toki, followed his master from behind, barking.

With mind rages, chrysanthemum walked toward the cliffs of Lake Toba regardless of the path. Unexpectedly, he suddenly plunged into a hole large stone until deep into the bottom of the hole. Black rock that made the atmosphere in the hole was getting dark. The beautiful girl was very frightened. At the base of a dark hole, he felt the walls of rock was about to move closer in on him.

"help......! help ......! help me, Toki! "A voice Chrysanthemum asking for help to her beloved dog.

Si Toki understand if the employer need his help, but he can not do anything except just barking at the mouth of the hole. Several times Chrysanthemum called for help, but the Toki totally incapable menolongnnya. Finally she was getting desperate.

"Ah, I'd rather die than suffer life long," Chrysanthemum resigned.

The walls of rock was moving ever closer.

"Parapat ...! Parapat Parapat stone ...! "Exclaimed Chrysanthemum stone was sent choke her body ..

While the Toki who knows his master's in danger kept barking at the mouth of the hole. Feeling unable to help the employer, he immediately ran home to ask for help.

Arriving at the house of her employer, the Toki immediately approached Chrysanthemum parents who just happened to come from neighboring villages walked toward his house.

"Auggg ...! auggg ...! auggg ...! "the Toki barking while pawing the ground to tell his parents that the Chrysanthemum in danger.

"Toki ..., where Chrysanthemum? What happened to him? "Asked the father Chrysanthemum to the dog.
"Auggg ...! auggg ...! auggg ...! "barked the Toki ran back and forth to invite them to a place.
"Sir, it looks like chrysanthemum in danger," said the mother Chrysanthemum.
"Mom was right. Si Toki invites us to follow him, "said the father of Chrysanthemum.
"But it was dark, sir. How do we get there? "She said Chrysanthemum.
"You prepare a torch! I will be looking for help to a neighbor, "cried the father.

Soon, the whole neighborhood had gathered at the home page Chrysanthemum father carrying the torch. After that they followed the Toki to the scene. Once they were in the fields, the Toki directly toward the mouth of the hole. Then he barked while stalling reached out his mouth into the hole to tell the citizens that the Chrysanthemum is at the bottom of the pit.

Both parents Chrysanthemum immediately approached the mouth of the hole. What a surprise when they saw there was a hole large enough stones on the edge of their fields. Inside the hole was heard the faint sound of a woman: "Parapat ...! Parapat Parapat stone ...! "

"Sir, listen to that sound! Itukan voices of our children! Chrysanthemum mother cried in panic.
"Yes, ma'am! That sounds Chrysanthemum! "Replied the father participated panic.
"But why he shouted: Parapat, parapatlah stone?" Her mother asked.
"I do not know, ma'am! Looks like there's something wrong in there, "replied the father anxiously.

Mr. Farmer was trying to illuminate the hole with his torch, but the bottom of the pit so deep that can not be penetrated by the light of torches.

"Seruniii ...! Seruniii ...! "Cried the father Chrysanthemum.
"Chrysanthemum ... my son! It's your mom and dad came to help you! "Shouted the mother involved.

Several times they yell, but do not get answers from Seruni. Only Chrysanthemum voice sounded faint that sent the stone was docked for in on him.

"Parapat ...! Parapatlah stone ...! Parapatlah! "
"Seruniiii ... my son!" Once again Chrysanthemum mother, crying hysterically.

Residents who were present at that place trying to help. One of the residents held out a piece of slap (rope) down to the bottom of the hole, but the slap was not touched at all. Dad Chrysanthemum increasingly concerned with the state of his son. He decided to follow his daughter plunge into the gravel pit.

"Mom, hold this torch!" Ordered the father.
"I want to go?" Asked the mother.
"I'll catch up Chrysanthemum into the hole," she said firmly.
"Do not the father, very dangerous!" Prevent mother.
"Yes sir, the hole was very deep and dark," said one resident.

Finally the father Chrysanthemum attack. A moment later, suddenly the sound of thunder. The earth shook violently as if to an end. Gravel pit was suddenly closed itself. The cliffs at the edge of Lake Toba was falling. Chrysanthemum father and mother and all the people ran thither to escape. They leave the hole stone, so the Chrysanthemum poor can not be saved from the crush rock.

Some time after the earthquake stopped , suddenly appeared a large rock that resembles a girl's body and as if hanging on the walls of the cliff on the shores of Lake Toba . Local people believe that the rock was the incarnation Chrysanthemum sandwiched rock in the hole . By them the stone was later given the name " Hanging Rock " .

A few days later , fame spread throughout the events that befall her . The citizens flocked to the scene to see the " Hanging Rock " is. Residents who witnessed the incident told the other residents that before the hole was closed , a voice : " ... Parapat Parapat stone ... parapatlah ! "

Hence the word " Parapat " is often pronounced and many people who tell it , the week which is on the edge of Lake Toba was later given the name " Parapat " . Parapat has now become a small town one very attractive tourist destination in the province of North Sumatra , Indonesian .

The story Legend of the Stone Crying

The story Legend of the Stone Crying is a story that comes from Kalimantan where a child cursed his mother into a rock, in the story of Legend of the Stone Crying is a lot tucked away a meaning and the lessons that we have to devote to both parents, especially on Mother who gave birth to us for 9 Months , Kaloo Okay so we read the story of Legend of the Stone Only Crying below.
On a hill away from the village , the area of ​​Borneo lived a poor widow and a daughter .
The girl was very beautiful widow . But unfortunately , he has a very bad attitude . She was very lazy, never helped her mother do chores . It works just dressed up every day .

In addition to a lazy, spoiled girl's attitude once . All requests must be obeyed . Every time he asked for something to her mother must be granted , regardless of what their mother is poor , every day must toil looking for a bite of rice .
One day the girl asked her mother down to the village for shopping . The layout of the village market so far , so they had to walk pretty tiring . The girl was walking strolled by wearing nice clothes and dress up the streets so that people who see it eventually will admire her beauty . While her mother walked behind , carrying a basket with a very dirty clothes . Because they live a secluded place , no one knew that the woman who runs it is the mother and child .
When they begin to enter the village , the village people looking at them . They were so fascinated by the beauty of the girls, especially the youth village insatiable looked at the girl's face . But when he saw people walking behind her , quite in contrast . It makes one wonder .

Among those who saw it , a young man approached and asked her , "Hey , pretty girl . Is that runs behind the mother? "
However , what is the answer girls?
" No, " he said loftily . " He is a servant ! "
Both mother and child were then continued on . Not how far , again a young man approached and asked the girl .
"Hi , honey. Is that runs behind you it 's your mother? "
" No, no , " she replied with a tilted head. " He is budakk ! "
That's every girl's met someone along the way who ask about her mother , always answer it . Her mother was treated as servants or slaves.

At first heard his daughter's rebellious response when asked the person , the mother still can refrain . But after repeatedly heard the same answer and very hurtful , finally the poor mother could not resist . The mother prayed .

"My God, I was not able to resist this insult. Children younger servant so how could treat themselves servants in such a way. Yes, god punish this rebellious child! Punish him ...."
Of the power of God Almighty, the body slowly perfidious girl was turned into stone. That change starts from the feet. When those changes have reached half of the body, the girl was crying begging forgiveness from her mother.

"Oh, my mather..mather please, forgive the iniquity of your child during this time. Mom ... Mom ... forgive your son .." The girl continued to wail and cry begged her mother. However, everything was too late. The entire body of the girl was eventually turned into stone. Even into stone, but one can see that his eyes still shed tears, like he was crying. Therefore, the stone coming from the girl who gets her curse was called "The Rock Cried".

Such is the story of this legend shaped, by local people believed that the story was actually never happened. Whosoever disobeys the biological mother who had given birth and raised him, certainly act laknatnya it will get punishment from God Almighty.

Animation Movies Full Movies English - Kids Movies

Animation Movies Full Movies English - Kids Movies

Unfortunately flavor

Buffaloes and Goats

A male buffalo escaped from a lion attack by entering a cave where the cave is often used by a collection of goats as a shelter and stay at night or when the weather was deteriorating. It was only one male goat is in the cave. When entered into the cave buffalo, goat, bowed his head, ran to hit the bull by its horns so that male buffalo out of the cave and devoured by the lions. Buffaloes were only staying silent about the behavior of the Goat. 're Out there, the Lion roam in front of the cave to find their prey.
Then the bull said to the goat, "Do not think that I would give up and say anything to see your behavior is a coward because I was afraid of you. When the lion was gone, I'll give you lessons that you would never forget."
It is evil, taking advantage of the misfortunes of others.

ghost island

there are two heroes who always wants to show himself better at it than others. One day, they met in the waters south of Singapore.
Without ba or bu, they directly attacked each other. They fought for a long time until their bodies covered in blood. Because equally strong, there was no sign of who will lose.
Sea Jin does not like the blood that fight because they pollute the sea. Sea Jin and overturns their boat. It means that they stop fighting. Apparently, they are still fighting. With each miracle, they fought over water.
"Hey, I command you to stop beratarung! This is my territory. If not ... "
Instead of stopping, the two heroes is even more exciting fight. With hand signals, they even like mocking Sea Jin.
Sea Jin angry. He was spraying water into the faces of the two heroes is that their view was blocked. Because I could not see clearly, the two heroes that fought blindly. They swung his sword back and forth until finally sekehendajk heart lodged in the body of each opponent. Both heroes were also met his end.
The gods in heaven mura Sea Jin intervene because human affairs. They warned Jin Sea for no longer meddle human affairs. Sea Jin admit mistakes and try to atone for sin by making a special place for both hero's spirit can dwell in peace. Sea Jin juggle the two hotshot boat carrying it into the island where dwells the spirit of them. People then call the island as ghost island.

Snail House Origins

Long ago, the snails did not bring her home everywhere ... The first time a snail living in an abandoned bird's nest the parent birds in the trees.
The night was warm and the day was cool because the leaves of trees blocking the sunlight that falls right into the nest where the snails live. But when the winter rains come, the leaves can no longer block the rain water that falls, .. snails exposed to wet and cold rain.
Then the snails moved into the existing hole in the trunk, if it is hot, the snails are well protected, even if it rains, the snails will not be wet and cold. Looks like I found a suitable home for me, muttered a snail in the liver.
But on a sunny day, come woodpeckers,, .. tok tok tok ... ... woodpeckers continued to peck the tree trunk where the cochlea, the snail became distracted and could not sleep,
With heart annoyed, snails out of the hole and the tree trunk to find a place to live next. Snails found a hole in the ground, it seems warm when the night comes, thought snails. Snails clean the hole and decided to stay in it, but when night came, the rats come from all directions to dig damage the cochlea. What can I say, snails leave that hole to find a new home ....
Snail goes on until the beach filled with rocks. Sidelines of the rock could be my house! snail cheered, I can take refuge from the hot sun and rain, there will be no woodpecker will peck this rock, and the rats will not be able to dig a hole to penetrate into this stone.
A snail can rest in peace, but when high tides and rising up into the rocks, snails were swept along by the waves come. Again snails have to go find a new home. When walking away from the shore, a snail found an empty shell, beautiful shape and very light ....
Because of fatigue and cold, snails into shells that feel warm and comfortable curled up and slept in it.
When morning came, snails have been found to realize the best home for him. This shell is perfect for him. I no longer need to hurry home if it rains, I'm not going to overheat again, no one would bother me, .... I'll bring this home with me wherever I go.

Funny Kangaroo

Farmers Kind

in a village, there lived an old farmer. These farmers lived alone and very poor, clothes and house full of fillings made from a wooden shack. Winter has come, Mr. Farmer had no food, nor do they have firewood to warm themselves, so today Mr. Farmer was about to go to the market to find a job. When out of the house, he saw an egg lying there on the snowy ground.

Carefully picked up the eggs and brought into the house. Mr. Farmer envelop the eggs with a rag and put it in a box to keep warm. After that he went to the market to work.

Mr. Farmer made it a warm egg every day until the eggs hatch. It turns out that eggs are eggs Seagull, perhaps the parent dropped them when they wanted to move to a warmer place. Mr. Small Farmers Seagull treat it with great affection. He always divides every food she got from working in the market. When it must leave it alone Gull, Mr. Farmer will put it in a box and lit the fireplace to keep warm Gull.
The days passed, a small gull bird grows bigger. Mr. Farmer conscious, Gull is not going to stay with him forever. With tears in his eyes, sir Farmers Seagull release it to go south to someplace warm.

One day, Mr. Farmer was lying sick with cold, he had no money to buy medicine, firewood and food.

... Tok tok tok ... ... .. ...., A voice from the door of the house of Mr Farmer.

Gull turns back, there diparuhnya seeds.

Pak Farmers Seagull wonder that still remember him, he let it go Gull and gave him drink. While looking at the seeds carried by birds Seagulls, Mr. Farmer was wondering ... is this seed? Can I plant it in the middle of this winter? she wondered.

Gull out of the house of Mr Farmer, a hole in the yard Mr. Farmer then planted the seed. When at dusk the day it left the Gull Mr. Farmer.

The next day, a miracle happens, the seeds planted grow into Gull complete with fruit trees in just one day!! Mr. Farmer was very surprised to see it.

Because of hunger, Mr. Farmer took the fruit of the tree. Miraculously, his body became stronger and he did not feel sick. Because of miracles, Mr. Farmer called the tree was the Tree god, because fruit can make Mr. Farmer became healthy again.

Mr. Farmer is a good tree care. Although winter, the tree continues to bear fruit and do not become dry. Mr. Farmer to sell the fruit and get a lot of money.

Now Mr. Farmer is no longer cold and hunger. Nonetheless, Mr. Farmer remain generous, he remembers that what she receives now is the fruit of his sincerity to help our fellow beings.

Tigers Eating Durian Legend

Village Kemingking In the district area including Park Rajo, district Muaro Jambi, Jambi Province. This area is famous for its wide range of agricultural products one of which is the durian. In the village Kemingking In, durian season usually arrives one or two years with a plentiful harvest. Durian from this region famous for its not too big but has a distinctive sweet flavor and sticky. Each harvest season arrives, the villagers will Kemingking In droves waiting durian which collapsed in their own gardens. They maintain these gardens with their families either at the time of day or night.However, when harvest season is almost over and the fruit on the tree is low, Kemingking villagers will no longer wait in their gardens at night. With regard to this habit, there is a story in it.
At a time when the village Kemingking In still a village with its own government and its kings was in power. People live side by side in peace and prosperity thanks to a wise leader. However, all of a sudden all the prosperity was interrupted by the presence of a large tiger from across the country. The tiger is ferocious, fierce, and hungry. He did not just kill people masyaraka cattle, but gradually it began to attack human tiger. Making a dozen people died while puluha injured by defects in the body.
Seeing this, the King in power at that time can not remain silent. He then ordered one of the most powerful soldiers to overcome the crisis in the kingdom. These soldiers dutifully went looking for the tiger to expel or kill him. When dealing with the tiger soldier was immediately attacked by all means it has. But the tiger is very big and powerful can easily break the sword and spear guns the soldiers and injured soldiers and injured.